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As part of our remit we like to feature individuals and organisations in Suffolk doing real social good in the community. We spoke to member Donna Cooper and Finborough Ladies Netball Club about their new inclusive walking netball club.

Could you let us know a little bit about yourself, where you live and a bit about your group?

Hi, I’m Donna Cooper a mum of two boys and I’m a PE teacher in a local secondary school. I live in Old Newton and love netball and running as my hobbies.

What would someone attending hope to get out of the group?

Anyone thinking about joining would be welcome, there is no level of fitness required and you don’t have to have played before. The pace of the sessions are slower and everyone plays at their own comfortable pace. The ladies are so supportive and they have me in stitches laughing with them every week. They are an absolute joy to work with.

Would you say it would be a good way of meeting new people for those that are feeling isolated? Do folks have to be super fit to join?

Our walking netball club is a new group which started in September. We meet every week at Needham Market Community Centre on a Wednesday morning and we play walking netball and train 9.15-10.15am and then we head inside for 30mins to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee a slice of cake and a chat. The club is open to anyone of any age/ability/gender.

We have younger members returning to the court after having a baby or injury and older ladies wanting to keep active and have fun. The sessions are a mixture of skills/drills/game play and tactics and it’s delivered in a fun and engaging way with no pressure or expectations. Everyone is there to just have fun and the sound of laughter is always heard.

What inspired you to set up the group and why Netball?

I have been an active member, player, coach, umpire and vice chair of Finborough Ladies Netball Club for over 15 years now and I wanted to add something a little different to what the club already had so I went on a England Netball walking netball course to become qualified to coach sessions for them.

What are your aspirations for the group looking forward?

Looking forward I would like to gain a few more members so we can increase our squad size to play full size matches every week. I would like to continue to run a fun, inclusive club which meets the needs of the ladies and whereby I continue to increase their confidence levels and encourage a healthy, lifelong participation in a sport we all love


How do folks get in touch?


If anyone would like any further information they can contact me on 07749 328 239 or Finborough Ladies Netball Club has a Facebook page where you can message us.

We have had some of the ladies say how much they enjoy the sessions and at school they were made to feel not good enough or didn’t make the team and here they feel accepted and good.

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